Hello, my name is Marc Nouss.

I'm a self-taught photographer with an eye for details and a passion for traveling. 
Passionate about photography since forever I became a professional photographer in the early 2010s. Mainly specialized in portraitures, landscapes, architecture, lifestyle, travels and cityscapes. 
I'v launched a Media with the desire to share regularly travels and hotels advices. Thanks to the apogee of instagram, I've built an engaged community around my passion and  now constantly traveling around the world using instagram and my blog as an open a window to widen everybody’s world.
I'm wearing multiple hats: photographer, influencer, creative director. I'm also recently became ambassador for Forbes (Producing Social Medias Content around the world for them) and Nikon. 
By focusing on high quality content and editorial-quality stories, I gained a solid reputation among the major players in tourism industry.