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Jordanie with Chemin des Voyageurs

Jordanie with Chemin des Voyageurs

Chemin des Voyageurs - Marc Nouss Photography-13.jpg

Chemin des Voyageurs (Travel designer), if this name doesn't sound music to your ears, probably you must be a bit deaf!

This online travel agency founded by Amandine contacted me in July to know if I was eager to accompany her in Jordan. J O R D A N !!! That's a country I have been dreaming about since I was a little kid, especially after watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade!

So I have accepted her invitation with a great pleasure and fallen for this custom-built itinerary suggested by Amandine to her clients with Chemin des Voyageurs.

For me it will be photography-oriented visiting Jerash, Petra, Wadi Rum, Amman and a little relaxation at the Dead Sea.

After sharing my preferences with Amandine I've got my little travel book showing visits, hotels, flights, everything literally! I did not have to do anything but follow that awesome program. What could be better?

I take you with me now, are you ready?

Day 1

After arriving late in the evening to Amman (around 10 PM) we get started the first day with the Jerash visit discovering traces. I should admit it, they are in a really good state. I'm impressed by the two temples of Zeus and Aramis, racetrack were they used to organize carriage race, the Hadrian Arch and two magnificent amphitheaters.

Now I'm on my way to the Mount Nebo with a marvelous view of the desert and Israel a little bit further. Then I'm visiting the Saint George Church where you can find the Madaba Map mosaic. it's the most ancient cartography representation of the 6th century of Holy Land, Jerusalem and Decapolis in particular.

After that I'm rushing to Petra to spend the night there for having the opportunity to watch the sunrise on this site tomorrow morning! (thanks to Chemin des Voyageurs taking into account my request of admiring the sunrise in Petra)

Day 2

That's the very moment I've been waiting the most. The visit of Petra and its famous facade Al-Khazneh (the Treasure)!

Wake up at 5.30 a.m. I haven't slept at all because of that incredible excitement. I arrived at that stunning site around 6 a.m. and a great walking day has started here. It takes you 30-45 minutes to walk through the canyon. It's marvelous! (and thanks to that lovely doggy opening me all the roads on the itinerary ^^)

And here on a final turn I can feel my heart palpitating faster thanks to this unbelievable view of the so called "Petra": Al-Khazneh, the Treasure! And its 2100 years of history!

This is a magical moment that I'll remember forever!

Coming alone to this site is incredible. It's a real advantage of the sunrise!

Chemin des Voyageurs - Marc Nouss Photography-48.jpg

After 45 minutes of admiring one of the 7 Wonders of the modern world (and taking 500 pictures!), let's continue by turning left (that road is usually banned for visitors but Bedouins can guide you to the summit in exchange for some euro/dollars).

I should warn you: it's quite dangerous and not easy to climb. But THAT view...what else?!

Chemin des Voyageurs - Marc Nouss Photography.jpg

From this spot begins a long walk on the top of the canyons, with a breathtaking panorama. 20 km walking, 100 floors of different levels from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. and we've almost seen the whole sight of Petra except for the Monastery. I thoroughly recommend you to spend 2 days here if you don't want to finish by crawling, like me! ^^

It's time to quit this wonderland, let's go to Wadi Rum, one of the most beautiful desert I've ever seen.

120 years of human invasion of the desert, consisting of canyons, natural arches, rocks and caves.

And it's on Lawrence of Arabia lands I'll have the pleasure to watch the sunset today! Splendid one!

I'm staying at the Sun City Camp tonight. It's a lovely village impregnated with modernism and culture in between Bedouin tents and comfortable bubbles, with the Milky Way as the background visible by the naked eye!

Day 3

I'm leaving Wadi Rum with the eyes full of stars, on my way to Aqaba and the Dead Sea.

After having a long journey the previous day, I'm relaxing this time. I can make the most of all the benefits of the Dead Sea and the photo camera is relaxing as well.

The floating sensation is absolutely unbelievable, I've never experienced this before. (The Dead Sea consists of 30% of salt whereas other seas contain only 3%, that's the reason why floating is possible but not swimming!)

Day 4

Heading to Amman to admire the capital and the Citadel in particular. The view over the city is stunning! You can't miss it!

One more night in Amman and that's already time to come back home.

Chemin des Voyageurs - Marc Nouss Photography-54.jpg

If you want to see more, watch my stories on Instagram, following this link:

I hope you enjoy these pictures and they make you want to travel across this amazing country!

But also to travel with Chemin des Voyageurs because it's the top! Check the website where you will find more than 140 destinations with the possibility to travel according to your choice:

Jordan Tips: 

  • Language: Arabic

  • Money: Jordanian Dinar

  • Calling Code: +962

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